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Watchman on Walls International Fellowship, also known as W.O.W. exist in these times to answer the Call of God to raise up and mentor men and women, boys and girls to find their identity as Scribes and express their creativity in the arts.

W.O.W. is a ministry of impartation and intercession walking out the ministry of reconciliation bringing souls to the kingdom of God through the administration of gifts and ministries.


Watchman on Walls International Fellowship is sent as an apostolic and prophetic ministry in the earth to gather in fellowship those who are seeking to walk out their ordained identity under The Scribal Anointing®.


The future of Watchman on Walls International Fellowship is to activate Scribes and Worshippers who will release their unique sound in the earth. W.O.W. is a community called to function under the Psalms 133 mandate. We will go forth to release the glory of God in the earth realm. We recognize the unique gifts and callings from those who are connected in this community to be a part of the Body of Christ. Each one valuable and an asset to the Master’s use.

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